Career vs. Calling

There’s something beautiful in the crafting of words to create worlds, and to create characters who are real to me. I can honestly say that I never feel more fulfilled than when I am writing. Next to motherhood, and being a wife, I know I am answering God’s call on my life. Any job position can be a calling.  I think of a career as self-serving. I think of a calling as serving God.
When the idea of a story grabs me, it doesn’t take long for that story to become a part of who I am, and another way God is working in me, bringing me closer to Him.
I think this is how it should be, no matter what our job is. If we are not bringing glory to God, and if we are not allowing Him to use our life’s work to bring us closer to Him, then we are either misusing our purpose or not answering His call on our lives.
Writing is hard. Some days, I question why God would ask me to do this. I hate it. But I love it. I need it. Writers are often undervalued. Underpaid. Overlooked. Scoffed at. I’ve had negative comments from some friends and family and I’ve had no comments as well, not even a single acknowledgement from others. I’ve had many rejection letters from publishers through the years.The actual act of writing is lonely. As a writer, the gifts you need to possess in order to write can make you lonely. You see much of what others miss because you are highly observant. You have a deep understanding of human nature. You also feel things deeply and have to express it. This isn’t always received well. Often, people would prefer that you stay silent.
I can’t. I’m a writer. To stay silent is to starve my soul.
Some days I wish I could stay silent. Then I remember this is what God created me to do. I also remember that while there are dark days to this ministry, there are also bright moments. Moments God gives us to encourage us and to inspire us to keep going.
Like the many emails I received from readers who were touched or changed by the story. Like the wonderful friends and family who expressed joy and celebrated with me. Or the time I discovered that my book hit the number one spot on Amazon for free ebooks. Or the time I realized I had over 100 reviews and most were five star reviews. And ..drumroll please…the time I received the awesome news that my book was being traditionally published by Touchpoint Press! Woohoo! A dream come true.
However, as great as getting published can be, the best bright spot of all was when I found out a man received Christ after reading my book. Forget the drumroll. Bring out the entire band! This is the real reason I write. It has to be.
We do not fulfill His call on our lives for man’s recognition of our “greatness”. We do it for man’s recognition of God’s greatness. We do it for man’s recognition that he needs a Savior. Anything less than that is a career, not a calling.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.” (John 3:30)



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