Flash Fiction Friday

Here is my first Flash Fiction Friday post. I barely made my goal of 200 words or less, with a word count of exactly 200 words. Feel free to comment on any analysis you have of the story.



Diamond Smiles

Sarah watched the rain poke angrily at the window as the train raced against it. She clutched her stuffed leopard tightly to her chest.  It was mostly dark on the train.  Most of the passengers slept. It had been a long day of whistle blowing and passenger stops. It took many hours to get to Florida from Minnesota.

“What happened to your arms and face?” The little boy across the aisle asked.  His mom shushed him and pulled him back onto her lap.  In minutes, he drifted to sleep.

Not Sarah. She feared sleep. Sleep made her go back.

She pulled her sleeves down over her arms, and drug her stringy brown hair over her left cheek.

Cover your scars when you’re in public.

Sarah forgot sometimes.

A hand reached up and moved her hair away from her cheek.  The lady on the seat in front of her brought her hand back to her lap and smiled. She handed Sarah a piece of gum. Sarah chewed until it clung to her teeth.  The rain stopped, and the sun peeked through the clouds.  Rain droplets glistened on the window.  Sarah stared at them. Finally, she slept and dreamed of diamond smiles.



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