Flash Fiction Friday

This is my second Flash Fiction challenge. This time I was to write only 100 words or less, using one word as a story starter.The word chosen was buttons.  I managed to write it in 98 words. Hope you enjoy the result!


Spare Buttons

Nora rocked in the chair that used to sit in her own living room. Her granddaughter dug

through one of the three boxes Nora had been allowed. Nora didn’t know what had been

packed. She only recalled her late husband’s things being hauled away. Like the shirts that

still smelled like him. Wet tears trailed her wrinkled cheeks.

“What’s this, Nana?” The child held up a Folgers coffee can.

Her buttons! In that can were spare buttons from every shirt she had bought for him.

She took the can from those small hands, and smiled.



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