Have yourself a Glorious Christmas!

Christmas usually conjures many emotions. Some good, some not so good.  We’re happy to be with those we love, but we miss those who have left us.  Or perhaps some of us are feeling the pangs of loneliness, dreading the posts on social media, where everyone is all smiles and it seems as if they own the magic of Christmas while we’re searching for meaning amidst the red bows and white lights.  Perhaps some of us are even feeling left out this Christmas. Everyone else is attending parties while we sit at home.  Maybe some of us have lost hope this year and Christmas seems to magnify it rather than eradicate it.

Some of us fall into the same trap so many movie plots display humorously each year. We get so busy trying to make Christmas “perfect” that we miss it.  With all of our glamour and glitz, gift giving and going, we forget that the first Christmas was certainly not glamorous. It was simple.  Simple, but glorious.

The glory was in its simplicity.  God didn’t put Jesus on a stage and pronounce him King of Kings. He placed him in a  humble stable with common people.  He didn’t choose to send Jesus in modern times where His birth could be national news in a matter of seconds. There were no Twitter feeds or Facebook posts. Only a handful of people witnessed this miraculous event that would change hearts and lives forever.  He was sending us a message in the very nature of His birth.  We do not have to be popular or “perfect” to receive His gift.He came for all of us, no matter what our status in life might be.

Whatever emotions or activities we are experiencing this Christmas, we need only to remember that truth.  Christmas is for all of us. The lonely, the busy, the heartbroken, the stressed, and even those who can’t see hope. The glory of Christmas isn’t in the glitz or glamour. It’s not in the going and doing, and it’s not in the gifts. The glory of Christmas is in THE GIFT, our Savior who came to give us an abundant life. (John10:10)

If you are one of the above this Christmas, read Luke chapter 2. Read it with fresh eyes,  and remember that you, too, can have a glorious Christmas.

This is the real reason for Christmas ... A virgin giving birth to the son of god. The prince of peace. You would expect a prince to be born in a palace, but this prince was humble, he would be born in a manger.:


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